Page 249/365 : Friday night home alone movie night

Elle went out after work with her work buddies as part of the Sports & Social team on a freebie at Tiger, Tiger in Leeds.

I was left home alone, so it was movie night.

Film #1,229 was Jack Reacher. A book adaptation that I had mixed preconceptions about. Tom Cruise can be very hit and miss. And this, for me was a god-awful miss. The film’s pace was snail-like, the action no-where near intense enough and Cruise’s wisecracks just missed the mark by a mile. I just couldn’t get invested in any of the characters at all, despite trying my best. I turned it off after an hour, I couldn’t bear to watch the rest.

So on went film #1,230 : Ong Bak. A martial arts film with subtitles from Thailand…and my annoyance at the lack of action in Reacher was handsomely repaid in this. It’s the standard story, an idol is stolen from a village that based it’s entire beliefs around it, and one man has to go to the big city to reclaim the statue for his people. The fighting scenes are absolutely amazing. No wire work is involved here and everything just works so amazingly. Highly recommended if you can put up with Subtitles…I know a lot of people hate them.

I stuck Grease 2 on afterwards…but it wasn’t long until Elle needed picking up so I had to leave it…although I do almost know it word-for-word…and in my opinion it is way better than the Travolta/Newton-John one.

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