Page 248/365 : Educating Yorkshire

Damn I missed this on Thursday Night so here I am on Friday morning writing this after just watching last night’s (or tonight’s if you’re reading this as Thursday’s entry) episode of the new documentary series “Educating Yorkshire” which was filmed over the course of a year at Thornhill Community Academy near Dewsbury.

We were introduced to some very interesting characters.

First off, Mr Mitchell is the no-nonsense headteacher. He knows what he wants and he’s striving to get it. Having to deal day-to-day with the kids running riot around his school. He has to deal with backchat, repeat offenders, smokers, lying…basically everything from any normal school. But he deals with it all very well, making sure all sides of stories are heard and dealing out the necessary punishment.

Then come the kids…the real stars of the show. This week we saw Bailey, a young girl who plastered herself with makeup to hide some scars from her childhood, as well as shaving off her eyebrows and drawing them on each morning. She’s a bit of a trouble causer, but seems to have a heart too, trying to help her best friend out when she was in trouble too.

Then there’s Kamrrem, a trouble-causing little shit who lied about being racially tormented and due to being called to Mr Mitchell’s office 73 times got the boot from the school for a short time.

And my favourite, Ryan, a lad who has wisdom well beyond his years and is aiming to be a future Politian, Actor or Firefighter…ah the dreams of youth! He’ll end up in some crappy office job somewhere filling out spreadsheets and making cups of tea…!

It’s a cracking series and I can’t wait to see next week’s. Hey, even Dixie from Real Radio got on it telling everyone they were having a Snow Day!

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