Page 250/365 : Knightcon

Today was Knightcon, the annual “Stars & Cars” event at Xscape in Castleford. In previous years, I have fancied going but never managed to get there…but this year I went.

Lawlor came over after dropping his sister off at the airport. We headed over.

The first thing we saw was the 30ft Stay Puft Marshmallow Man…awesome. When we got closer, her was surrounded by Ghostbusters too. Brilliant. And look….Ecto 1 was there too.


We saw Optimus Prime and Bumblebee in truck form too as we’ll as hanging out with a stormtrooper.



As a big Superman fan, I had to pose next to the Batmobile with my Superman T-Shirt and Superman man bag of course : FUCK BEN AFFLECK!



They had a old of KITT cars, a couple of General Lee’s and we spotted a copper eating a Burger King…how very American!

Then…my defining moment came…The Delorean from Back To The Future…with its door opened…and I had my brand new iPad case with me…check out me getting into the Delorean with Gray’s Sports Almanac



This is the case close up. It was an early birthday present from my sister. I love it.




The kids were absolutely loving Freddy Kruger on the school bus…which is a bit off when you think about it….Freddy was a child killer….


Lawlor met his future wife…


…and his new best friend…


It was an absolutely cracking day. The only problem I had with it was the Heroes Parade. All the costumed characters did a parade for everyone to see…but they did it in a little back corner of the venue which made it hard for people to see…plus, everything was on ground level with no raised platform so there were a lot of people complaining that they couldn’t see. My favourite costumed character was Robocop


In the evening I introduced Lawlor to the world of Baseball by basically making him sit through a Dodgers game. It was quite a good game and ended up 3-3 and into “Bonus Baseball” but the Dodgers lost when the Reds brought in a super-fast pinch-runner who basically just legged it the whole way around the bases and was never going to be caught. It was a clever way to win the game…if not slightly annoying for us Dodger fans.

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