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Page 248/365 : Educating Yorkshire

Damn I missed this on Thursday Night so here I am on Friday morning writing this after just watching last night’s (or tonight’s if you’re reading this as Thursday’s entry) episode of the new documentary series “Educating Yorkshire” which was … Continue reading

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Page 179/365 : So Close…

And so the day arrived. Following the past mental week of not being in a competition, to getting through and being in a potential tiebreaker, to getting through again and actually winning the thing for a second time, it was … Continue reading

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Page 176/375 : Another step closer to £50k

Well the guy who came on Real Radio this morning to play Fact or Fiction only got 5…so I am still in the running for the final. Just three more players between me and a tiebreaker. Fingers crossed again! Picked … Continue reading

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