Page 219/365 : Robbed of points

Bit miffed today! All because the Dodgers lost last night….first loss on the road in 16 matches! Booooo!

Leeds vs Chesterfield in the Capital One Barclaycard, Visa Electron Trophy tonight at Elland Road.

Met up with Jimbo, who turned up around twenty minutes before kickoff as usual, and headed to the game. For my football predictor, I needed a good result and had predicted a 4-0 win, with a Poleon first goal in the 18th minute, with 11,011 there…….

The game kicked off…and let’s be honest, it wasn’t the greatest show of footballing prowess in the world. We did the usual of allowing them to come at us and standing off….and after 17 minutes and 15 seconds….Chesterfield scored….so that’s into the 18th minute….result…..but alas, the Leeds United website gave the goal as the 17th! Damn! BBC Sport said the goal went in on 18:05 and it was a 19th minute goal, and Sky Sports say it was an 18th minute opening goal in their match report, but the game summary says 19. Haha. I said we’d stick with the Leeds United match report though and there we go.

Anyway….Brown was playing shite most of the game. Some Leeds fans really love him though, god knows why. But then when he smacked one into the back of the net, everyone hailed him as a hero.

Then just a few short minutes later, Poleon went through and looked to have taken it too far but slotted a shot through the defender’s legs and past the Keeper.

The rest of the game was a bit edgy. At times, we made Chesterfield look like a decent team and I have no fears that they will do really well in League 2 this season.

But we held onto the lead and progress into the second round. The draw is tomorrow.

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