Page 218/365 : Naked Leather Sofa Sitting

This blog was inspired by Dixie on Real Radio and the conversation he was having this morning on the breakfast show…

Ok, here’s the deal…I like to get naked…all the time. In the comfort of the house, with the curtains drawn, it’s quite liberating.

It all starts with my right sock. I don’t know why it’s always my right sock, but off it comes. My Mum has said that I used to do it as a kid. I would always walk around with my left foot covered and my right one sockless.

But as soon as the curtains are drawn, it’s naked time. Sometimes it starts off as Loungepant time, but always ends up with Naked Time.

But here comes the problem. We have a leather sofa. And it’s warm. And it’s ok sitting down on it, but when you move to get up quickly like I just did, and you almost leave the skin your entire ball-sack on the sofa, you know you’re suffering for being naked all the time.

Disclaimer : Don’t worry…the sofa gets a “wipe down” so if you come to ours, you don’t have to play “dodge the skin-print”.

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