Page 220/365 : Rich Ducks, Donny Draw & Vanilla Cruise

Woke up to the news of a nice Dodgers win after the Cardinals pitcher got injured.

Best news came from the “Official” Forbes Fictional Character Rich List though. Yes, the list that usually classifies the likes of Simon Cowell, Oprah Winfrey, The Queen, and that pisshead who won the lottery has published the definitive list of wealthiest fictional characters.

Of course, Bruce Wayne is in there (because that’s all he has….money and no actual Super Power) as is Tony Stark (yes, Superman would bury him too) but the best was the number one, with none other than Scrooge McDuck taking the title!!! Wow! He saved up his fortune through treasure hunting, apparently…and he just beat Smaug from The Hobbit, who had amassed a fortune from a life of Marauding!

Work plodded along…at least it’s Friday tomorrow!

Leeds drew Doncaster away in the next round of the cup. Should be fun.

Chicken Lasagne for tea….yummy!

Caught up with Big Brother.

Watched Vanilla Sky tonight through Netflix. Elle has never seen it. It’s been a while for me and it is definitely a film which gets better the more you watch it. You pick up much more. It’s in my top five Tom Cruise films along with Cocktail, Mission Impossible, Top Gun and Rock Of Ages 😉

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