Page 217/365 : Knightmare

Knightmare is BACK!

Well kinda.

It’s YouTube Geek Week and as a one-off, Knightmare returns.

It’s got the feel of the old show and everything but the guys playing the game are just too damn annoying. Check it for yourself :

Oh and look out for the moment around 24:14 when Veruca says “What the fuck was it?” Not very child-friendly but still!

I have been watching all the old episodes on Challenge and love them and would seriously love for this to come back properly with some budget…and some better helpers for the dungeoneer!

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2 Responses to Page 217/365 : Knightmare

  1. thomasjpitts says:

    I disagree a little, I think that’s exactly how it should be done now. I reckon if there’s a big enough response to it, Challenge could find the budget for a series. After all, they remade Blockbusters using adults as contestants too!

    • I just think that the guys who were playing were just overly annoying. Not in a “they’re playing the game and they are thick” kinda way, but more of a “we’re trying to stick to a script” kind of way

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