Page 216/365 : Clearouts and Cub-Beating

Got rid of a car load of shite we don’t need today and took it to the Household waste recycling place in Middleton. It was all just cluttering junk. Need to go to my Mum’s at some point and clear the cupboard there too that has all my stuff in from three years ago.

After the Dodgers won again last night, taking their “On the road” win streak to 13, today’s game also started at a reasonable time of 7:20. It was the fourth game in the series with the Cubs, and even though the Dodgers only got 2 hits in the entire game, they pitched extremely well and managed to win the game 1-0. So that’s now a 14-game streak away from Dodger Stadium. Hanley Ramirez took a nasty fall though. He pelted after a ball which caught in the wind. He managed to catch it but his legs hit the wall and he went head first into the first row. He jarred his shoulder. Hopefully he’ll be OK though.

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