Page 202/365 : Race For Curry

Up and about this morning and headed over to Pontefract Racecourse for Elle’s Race For Life with her work colleagues. Elle walked the course in around 50 minutes.

My back was killing so I waited in the car but got out to see her coming past.



Came home before getting ready and heading out to a pub in Leeds to meet up with all the Brinings etc for Daniel’s birthday. They introduced me to Voxer, a cracking little app on the iPhone to basically turn your phone into a Walkie-Talkie. I now have the handle “Curly Sue”.

Heade over to Aagrah for a curry. I couldn’t decide what I wanted so I just went for the buffet option which was absolutely cracking. It was lovely.



Caught the end of the Dodgers game. They won 9-2. As I am writing this I am watching Arizona @ San Francisco, hoping the Giants can beat the D-Back to allow the Dodgers to get the top spot in the division. It is 1-0 to the D-Backs at the top of the 8th though! Boo!

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