Page 192/365 : You won’t believe The Range!

The Advert says it all : “You won’t believe The Range!” – and it’s true, you would not fucking believe it!

Went in after work. Bought a new one of those hidden object games from The Range tonight. It was priced up at £9.99 but there was a huge yellow sticker on it the stand saying 25% off…but in true The Range style, when they put it through the tills it went through at £9.99. So cue the woman (probably named Barbara) on the tills putting a call out for someone to come, even though she had another member of staff stood about a foot away not doing anything. Eventually someone I can only describe as “Norman” appeared and shuffled off to find the stand where the game came from. About a minute passed and he still wasn’t back and we were getting “tutted” at by the others in the queue who were clearly fed up by having the sheer life drained out of them by The Range…because that is what that place does…you go in looking for something, you come out like a Zombie!

Norman didn’t return, and fearing he had gotten lost up the Sodastream aisle, I went to find him. He was circling a stand of all the games, worrying about the price and whether the games were in Alphabetical order or not. I told him the sticker with the 25% off was up at the top and he turned and headed back to the tills to tell Barbara to knock 25% off. Barbara then told him that the deal must’ve expired and he needed to take the stickers off the display, to which Norman said he “didn’t really want to but would have to do”…there were 4 stickers to remove, each of them half-peeled off anyway. A spasticated goldfish could have done it!

Next up, Barbara attempted to put the game through just as young Victor tottered over, querying how much they should knock off an ornament someone wanted to buy that was chipped. The answer was 10%….the price was only £4.99 and the couple buying the ornament were disgusted that they would only get 50p off? FFS!

Eventually we escaped. It was like having flashbacks to the Zombie Run! I survived again, but I feel this may have been a closer call!

The advert also says : “If we don’t stock it, you won’t need it…” – its a shame they don’t stock escape hatches and Bigger exit doors for you to run screaming through!

This morning before work, went down to the Nisa in Heckmondwike to pick up my raffle ticket for Dixie & Gayle’s Grand Tour raffle to hopefully win £1,000 – it’s be nice if the cheques for the other two £500’s came through first like, but ya gotta be in it to win it (as my good friend Dale Winton said [see Balls Of Steel’s Alex Zane’s Heart Rate Game for that obscure reference])

They had a cracking setup on the tour bus.




I can’t win another Real Radio competition……..can I?

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