Page 193/365 : Mass produced mess

Going to Frankie & Benny’s is always…an experience.

Tonight was to be another of those experiences.

It’s my Dad’s 60th birthday tomorrow, so as Elle and I are set to be at a friend’s wedding, a meal was organised for tonight.

Out Louise booked it and was told that they’d decorate the table for us…when we arrived, nothing was decorated and they’d not even sorted any specific seating out for us.

Then we went to the bar. Our order consisted of 5 pints of Diet Coke amongst other things. All 5 pints came out…and they were all flat…it was like flavoured still water…essentially rank, and as you know, I am a fine connoisseur of Coca Cola’s products and demand my beverage fizzy and cold!

So after my dad had paid for them, they said they’d bring replacements over. Until they came over and told us that the gas was gone. So Lemonade it was! Grrrrrrr!

To be fair, the food was alright in that bog-standard Pre-measured every item on every plate weighing the exact same weight kind of way.

Elle had asked for a glass of tap water…which took three attempts to get.

My mum’s dessert came out about ten minutes after everyone else’s.

Then they added onto the bill the £25 worth of drinks that had already been paid for at the beginning of the night!

Shambles! It’s like having a meal at The Range! (See yesterday’s blog for that tenuous link)

Was good to be together with the family though as I won’t see my Dad tomorrow.

In other news, it’s muggy as hell today. In fact, so much so, I’ve even indulged in a Pre-bed shower…so yes, I’m writing this naked…but hey, I do most nights…so no great shakes!

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