Film Review – Now You See Me

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I could leave the review there and it would sum it all up….just WOW!

Now You See Me is an absolute thrill ride that takes you to places never seen before. You never know what is happening, you never know if anything you are seeing is real and you never know how things are going to turn out.

When four magicians, from different fields, are thrust together by a mysterious person, their lives are transformed. One year after meeting, they pull off an incredible heist, stealing money from a bank in France from their stage in Las Vegas. How do they do it? Watch and see. 

The four lead characters are great. Woody Harrelson’s mind-reading character has plenty of comedy about him and Jesse Eisenberg’s showman is perfect. 

Hot on their heels, following the heist is Mark Ruffalo, an FBI agent hellbent on bringing the thieves to justice. He’s partnered with an Interpol agent from France who is also looking for the Four Horsemen to be exposed.

But chuck in Morgan Freeman’s debunker, a character who spends his life exposing how big illusions are carried out and the game changes. He knows how they pulled off the heist and also many other things about the foursome…but it always one step behind.

The film is fairly fast-paced and shifts from one spectacle to another. There’s one awesome scene where during a fight, tonnes of magic is used to move the fight along.

There’s twists, turns and at times you will doubt everything you are seeing and everything you’re not seeing…but I doubt you will come out of the film disappointed. It’s a thrill ride.

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