Page 188/365 : Minions, Magic & Murray

Elle was working at Flamingo Land today on her Sports & Social thing so I went across to the Cineworld in Wakefield.

On the way I nipped into McDonalds on the road into Wakey. I didn’t want any food…I just wanted to check whether they had any Minions in that we needed. They didn’t. So I nipped to the one near the cinema and they had three of the light-up eye one. Woohoo! Bought those three for us at work. The others they had were all ones we’ve already got. I opened mine though and I don’t think it’s working…no light! Booooo!

Watched Despicable Me 2 (Click here to view my review) and Now You See Me (Click here to read my review)

Headed home and watched the Final of the Men’s singles title. Murray won with a straight three set victory to become the first British man in 77 years to win at Wimbledon. Although if you talk to some people, he’s not British, he’s Scottish…I just appreciate a decent performance that this was certainly it!

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