Film Review – Despicable Me 2

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Despicable Me 2 is the sequel to the blockbuster animated success of 2010, following lovable villain-turned-OK guy Gru who has found his inner peace and put his evil ways behind him. Even the fun and frantic Minions have stopped plotting and carrying out evil, to make Jam instead.

But when Gru is taken in and told of a plot to ruin the world with a stolen transfiguration serum, it’s up to Gru and his new accomplice Lucy to save the world. 

But here is it’s biggest problem…Lucy…a new character voiced by Kristen Wiig…and a character who just isn’t funny. It just didn’t work for me. In the first film, Gru & The Minions, or Gru & The Girls worked….but Gru & Lucy doesn’t. I can see where they were trying to go with it, but the outcome is disappointing.

But the Minions save the film. They are as funny as ever and such a joy to watch. I always think that these films need rewatching and rewatching just for the Minions, just to see the hundreds of other mad things that are going on in the background.

But for me, even though the Minions were on top form, possibly funnier than they are in the first film, the whole movie just lacks the heart that the first had. This is mainly down to the Lucy character, but also partly aimed at a bad-guy who you just don’t really hate enough. Vector in the 1st was a nasty boy…but the baddie this time around is just…meh!

It’s worth watching if you love the first…just don’t expect it to be better.

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