Page 182/365 : Dexter Season 8

*Warning…contains MAJOR Spoilers*

Dexter is Back! Everyone’s favourite psycho-serial-killer with a heart returns to screens (where available) to wreck havoc once again.

Picking up 6 months after the events of the end of Season 7 which saw Debs kill LaGuerta who was hot on Dexter’s heels, we find Dexter attempting to get along with his life, whilst Debs is struggling, having killed an innocent woman who just happened to stumble upon Dexter’s little secret.

This time though, someone else is in the mix. Dr Evelyn Vogel has been brought into Miami Metro and may just know a little too much about little old Dexter. Will she uncover the truth? Will she end up on Dexter’s table? The next 11 weeks will tell!

Put 1lb on at fat class. Was to be expected.

Did a bit of a walk today too at lunch. Just eased in with a 25 minute 2km walk. Need to take my trainers to work though…my shoes were killing me!

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