Page 183/365 : Minion Mania

Just for the record :


And now that’s out of the way…onto the Minions.

I only saw the first Despicable Me film for the first time a few weeks ago. But I love the Minions. I wanna go see the second one this Sunday…but in the meantime, the office has been going Minion Crazy.

McDonalds have been putting Minion toys into their Happy Meals, and we’ve been collecting them. I just want to go on record as saying that I have not had a single McDonalds myself during the collection of these…it’s the girls at work who have been demolishing them…but for just £1 each you can buy them.

And we’ve been having a bit of fun in the office with them :

Minion lurves the Chilli Sauce

Minion Stationery Fun

Minion talks to Mr Orange ‘tache

Minion Filing

Minion with a Coke habit

Winning The Minion Cup

Minion Buffet Invasion

My Four Minions

The Minion Army so far

The Minions fooling with the Copier

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