Page 181/365 : Prediction League

Played a bit of catchup on TV a well as clearing some stuff off the planner. Finally got through Superman 2 and Superman 3.

Also managed to increase the interest in my Leeds United Prediction League up to 16 now. That’s a £160 prize pot. Still plenty of time before the season too. Think we might end up with around the 25 mark.

Top Gear was back on TV tonight and I loved it. Anyone who knows me will tell you that I ain’t a Car-Man. To me, a car serves a purpose and that is all. It gets you from A to B. I ain’t one to want anything flashy, I don’t really care about how quickly it can get to 60mph, and I certainly don’t give two honks of a horn about twin exhausts or stuck on pieces of plastic calling themselves spoilers and guards and other stupid things.

But I do love Top Gear. Yes, it’s a car programme, but it’s an entertainment show primarily and the show lends itself to plenty of laughs…usually at the expense of the hosts.

And that’s where the beauty lies. Clarkson is second to none when it comes to sarcasm and winding up, James May loves having the piss taken out of him, and Richard Hammond has seen my arse on Total Wipeout.

It’s on series link!

Watched Big Brother up to date too. Currently laid in bed watching the Dodgers game.

Also bought a cape…yes…a cape! Going to a fancy dress party on Saturday night and just getting costume together…!

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