Page 174/365 : Southern bound

Up and about early this morning…much earlier than I actually wanted to be after only getting in at about half past 1 this morning. My legs were aching like a right bitch…which was to be expected after actually using muscles in my legs that haven’t been used in years!…oh and in case you didn’t know, I didn’t get infected on the Zombie run…so if a real Zombie apocalypse hits…stick with me…I’ll use you as my Human shield.

Dad picked me up and we went down to Clevedon, near Bristol to go see my Grandma. She’s in a home down there, close to my Aunt Judy and cousin Jonathan. I hadn’t seen Grandma since November 2005 when I was down in Bristol filming Deal Or No Deal.

It was good to see her. She was pleased to see us and it was nice to chat and spend a few hours all together.

Long day though…but luckily my Dad was driving…I don’t think my legs would have held up to it all…that’s the price of being a Zombie Survivor (not sure if I have mentioned it or not…)

Just chilling at home now, watching the Dodgers game…which means they will no-doubt lose as they have done in every game I have watched this season……!

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