Page 175/365 : In It To Win It…again!

Woke up early doors this morning and headed into work early and got prepared. Got two of the office phones together and my mobile and got Real Radio on the computer. When the qualifying question came on, I started a frantic series of re-dials. And the phone rang through.

This, of course is the £50k Friday quiz where you have to answer Fact Or Fiction to statements read out. In the first week of the competition, I got the high score of 11 and won the £500. But in the second week, I was beaten by someone with 13.

I got the qualifier right…and then got picked…again. Dixie was shocked. There’s been a few people getting second shots recently.

So the questions started. As I was being asked them, I marked how many I answered and it was 16! But I got three wrong so only scored 13. I should’ve got 14 but I messed up on a Bronte Sister question I really should’ve got. But 13 was my score so here’s the situation :

a) If no-one tops a score of 13 on Tuesday, Wednesday or the two games on Thursday, I will win another £500.

b) If that happens, I will then have to have a tie-breaker agains the woman who won Week 2 with 13.

c) The winner of that tie-break will be in the studio on Friday morning playing for £50k

d) If someone beats 13 in the next four attempts, I am out!

e) If someone scores dead on 13, I would potentially have to get through TWO tiebreaker questions to get to the final.

I am still kicking myself over getting the Bronte question wrong.

Took a turn for the worse in the afternoon. Felt really ill. My inflamed chest thing was back and I kept feeling really hot and going dizzy. Got another prescription for my Diclofenac from the docs.

Took it easy and had plenty of rest and chilled out. Was really odd.

Also…who likes the new banner? Credit to our Laura for making it up for me.

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