Page 173/365 : 2.8 Hours Later Zombie Run

What an absolutely thrilling and thoroughly great experience we had this evening. We were taking part in the 2.8 Hours Later Zombie Run in Manchester. It was the fourth year of the run, and ever since the first one, I have wanted to do it, but only now have we finally got around to it.

The game is simple, move from area to area, avoiding Zombies. If they touch you, you’re infected.


We had six in our group and after being “checked for infection” we were off. The starting point was the 17th floor of a multi-storey car park. We first met with an officer who said we needed to get to the medical centre to get our certificate. So down the 17 flights of stairs we went and out into the city. We found where we were going on the map and found the medical centre. When there a doctor told us we couldn’t stay there but there was a Salvation Army posting nearby. As we were leaving, a sheet was pulled back and a zombie was flailing his arms from a tied up bed. We made it out fine.

Then we found the Salvation Army posting. The police (pretend ones) were warning us not to get involved but as the Salvation Army man gave us the next co-ordinates, people who had looked like tramps turned out to be Zombies, lunging for us…and this is where we went wrong. David, Lee and I all went down the alleyway we were meant to go down. Yvonne, Fay and Sam legged it another way.

We eventually met up again and headed towards a “safe zone”. When we got there however, there was a huge courtyard filled with Zombies. And the fun began. We had to run around ad through the courtyard without being touched. We all managed to make it except Fay. She was caught. The Zombies just touch you then mark your hand with an invisible mark.

We made it into the safe zone were a woman was tending to her daughter who had obviously been infected. Ah was covered in blood. The woman too us that we needed to get to her car and gave us the co-ordinates. The daughter then started moving towards us so we legged it out of the door but straight back into the courtyard. Here we went wrong and instead of going left, as we had been told, we ended up back across the courtyard, but we out ourselves right.

Then we found the car…it was in some tunnels that were very dark. A woman was there but told us all the petrol had already been siphoned and to get out. We went down a long dark corridor with no incident…but at the end as we turned left there were loads of Zombies chasing people. We all legged it. Sam was caught.

Now we found another safe zone. A man there had two doors. He opened them and we went in but we were trapped in cages with Zombies all around us. Eventually one of them moves and we could get out but we had quite a run to get through the street that was littered with Zombies.

Then it was up past Strangeways prison and into a building (after dodging more Zombies). Here we met a man who had escaped from prison but had kidnapped a man.


We got the next co-ordinates and had to go back out on the street. One zombie was standing really close to the door. Luckily I got past him without getting caught but Yvonne copped it. We then had to get past this guy, who we dubbed Justin Lee Collins :


We then made our way past and through more Zombies…at this point I was thinking it was amazing I hadn’t been caught…but my left calf was starting to pull. We turned onto a street that was all up hill. It was daunting as there were Zombies all up it. I made it past the first two fine, but someone had to go back into the danger zone to pick up some pills. We moved on and more Zombies chased but I was still fine.

Then we got to the last bit and we could take either of two turnings. I went down the second one. There were a few Zombies down there but at the end was the Asylum. Amazingly, I didn’t get caught again and I got back to the Asylum without being infected at all. Only David and I managed to do it without getting caught.

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Anyone who was infected could have Zombie makeup put on and we had a group photo which was funny.

Didn’t stay to the Disco too long as we needed to head back for coaches.

What an absolutely fantastic event. This is something I will be 100% doing again!


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