Page 172/365 : Weekend begins

Elle headed off to Skegness on Emma’s hen do today. So it was home alone for me tonight. Was going to go to the Cinema but there just wasn’t anything on that was pulling me in.

Watched Dark Shadows, the Tim Burton film with Johnny Depp. It was alright. I did expect better from Burton and there were moments of quality in the film, but just not enough. The darkness of Tim Burton’s film making was definitely here, accompanied by Danny Elfman’s distinctive score, and Depp was great, but something was just lacking from it all

Got plenty of reading in too but keep falling asleep so think it might be time to call it a night soon.

Tomorrow is the 2.8 Hours Later zombie run over in Manchester. Can’t wait to take part in that an see exactly what it’s all about. Luckily it should still be quite light whilst the run is on…god only knows where we’ll be forced to go though!

We’re also going to see “World War Z” at the cinema as a prelude to the Zombie run.

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