Page 157/365 : One Down, One to go…

Well this morning on the Breakfast Show on Real Radio, the person who made it through only scored 7, so that’s one down and one to go. If the caller tomorrow doesn’t beat 11, then I win £500 and will be in a decent position for the next three weeks.

I looked into how people have been doing in the other regions and one has a top score of 7, one a top of 8 and another a top score of 9. I couldn’t find Scotland. So that actually puts me in a decent frame of mind that 11 is a good score and it might set me up for the final…I am already nervous about it…god knows what I will be like in two and a bit weeks if no-one in Yorkshire has beaten 11!!!!!!

Tune in to Real Radio Yorkshire tomorrow at 8:15am to see if I can keep hold of the lead and the £500…!

Watched Hannibal tonight as well as last night’s Apprentice.

Also finally managed to sort through all the music on my computer and put it all back onto the iPad. Feel much better now its back on there.

Last night, i also looked into the Morley Literature Festival which will be in Morley in October. It will be around Ye time that Robin Hobb, author of the Farseer Trilogy and other books that are amazing, will be in the UK on a Promotional tour. I messaged Robin through Goodreads as well as dropping a line to the people who organise the Festival. The people from the Festival said they would be in touch. Then I got a message back from Robin Hobb!


Fingers crossed everything adds up and she can do it. Would definitely be at that one!

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