Page 156/365 : £50k Friday? Gotta be in it to win it!

An interesting start to the day today.

Real Radio are currently running a huge competition called “Fifty Grand Friday” across the entire Real Radio network. The rules are simple. Phone in, get picked at random, answer questions with only “Fact” or “Fiction” for 50 seconds and the person who wins each week wins £500, and the winning person in the entire month goes forward to represent their radio station area in a final showdown for the chance to win £50,000

We’d attempted phoning up Monday and Tuesday to get on, to no avail. Monday’s player scored 5 and Tuesday’s player scored a good score of 7, so it would take some beating.

Elle and I both attempted to get through, after I wasn’t even going to give it a go today in exchange for watching The Deadliest Catch on Sky+ that we recorded last night. Elle talked me out of putting that on in favour of the competition. Both our phones were just getting the engaged tone, but then all of a sudden, Elle’s made it through to a ringing tone. She chucked me the phone…and Real Radio picked up. I was placed on hold until after Jessie J’s “Price Tag”. Then Dixie & Gayle, the breakfast show presenters, came back to the phones and picked a line at random….and it was me!

So all I had to do was answer my questions now…

After the rules were read out so I understood (basically only “Fact” or “Fiction” was accepted and I could only answer after a question had been fully asked), we were ready to go.

And off we flew…with 50 seconds on the clock, the questions were flowing :

  • Fergie is a Member of the Black-eyed peas.
  • Queen Victoria visited Sheffield something or other
  • Hollyoaks is shown on Channel 4
  • Christmas Day will be on a Tuesday this year
  • The original series of CSI was set in Las Vegas
  • In the original Star Trek, Captain Kirk was played by Leonard Nimoy
  • Last Of The Summer Wine was mainly filmed in Castleford
  • Facebook has over 3billion users
  • The Breakfast Show Theme Tune prize is a cup and something else (I can’t remember)
  • Robbie Williams and Kylie Minogue dueted on the song Something Stupid
  • …and another four I can’t quite remember.

Anyway…I got 11 right out of the 14 I managed to answer and moved into the lead in the week’s competition. I got the Christmas Day one wrong, and the Facebook users is just over 1billion, and I had said fact…and the STUPID one I got wrong was the Last Of The Summer Wine one…I knew the answer…but I said Fact! ARGH! Idiot!!!

But, I am in the lead…and if no-one manages to beat 11 tomorrow or Friday, I will win £500…and then if no-one actually manages to beat 11 before June 27th, I will move onto the £50k Friday final to be in with a chance of winning the big money.

Now…I am a huge believer in Fate.

About a year ago, Elle and I auditioned for a TV show called “My Man Can” to be hosted by Mark Wright and Melanie Sykes. We did really well in the audition, and we were shortlisted, but never made it onto the final show, which we were gutted about. But here is the weird thing…the show has still not been shown on TV. And this morning, when I downloaded The Sun to my iPad, the story was in it that ITV had decided never to show the programme. It’s quite funny really…I reckon we would have made good TV with it 😉

But the best thing is…the prize money on that…..£50,000….so is it fate that just an hour later we got through to a competition to possibly win the exact same prize?

Keep your fingers crossed people.


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