Page 158/365 : I did it!


This morning the final person this week had a crack at the £50k Friday questions and only scored 7 so I won the £500 for the first week’s prize. It was a good feeling. I was back on the radio as we sat outside Elle’s work, cheering down the phone.

And now the long drawn out fun begins. In three weeks time, the person with the highest score in Yorkshire will e invited to the Real Radio studios for the morning to play off against the four other station’s winners for that final £50k. There will be another three weekly competitions with the winner each week bagging £500…but I just need to hope and prey that no-one gets over 11 points…because if they don’t, then I am in the final! Eek!


Work passed by uneventfully really.

Met up with Elle after work and went to Roundhay for a picnic with her, Amy, Tom and his kids.

Gonna be looking after Megnan during the day tomorrow before heading over to Manchester for the Bon Jovi concert at the Etihad Stadium. Can’t wait.

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