Page 155/365 : Career On The Up?

Another fun day at work. Following on from yesterday’s management win at the “how long can you suck a sweet” game, we had another today using a Cadbury’s Chocolate Eclair. It was a close run contest. It came down to Emma and I at the end. Then Emma lost hers and I still had this left :


Just call me champion. And that clearly means I now have management credentials and the only way is up to the top….another victory like that and I’ll be MD before the month is out!

Also attempted the Fizz Wizz + Diet Coke challenge and passed with flying colours and an intact head (it didn’t explode).

Still reeling in shock from last night’s Game Of Thrones too. Paula in work hadn’t seen it so it was hell at work not being able to talk about it.

After work picked up a bottle of this :


Yes, that’s Dr Pete…no Dr Pepper! It tasted good but my Gas Bottle is running low so there wasn’t much fizz! Need a new one.

Watched first three episodes of Season 5 of CSI. It’s good to be back.

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2 Responses to Page 155/365 : Career On The Up?

  1. Helen says:

    Ooh, Soda Stream. How is that? I’ve looked at them before, but don’t know anyone that has one.

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