Page 154/365 : GoT! OMG! WTF?

*WARNING! WARNING!* The following post contains spoilers about tonight’s episode of Game Of Thrones, Episode 9 of Season 3…if you haven’t seen it yet, then don’t read on….this is your only warning…you have been warned!

Well tonight, Episode 9 went out on Sky Atlantic. This morning I had accidentally seen a bit of a buzz on Twitter about the episode, but luckily managed to not see what happened. And I am pleased.

What an episode. Ron Stark attending the wedding he failed to be part of himself, only for it all to go completely tits up when everyone was double-crossed and Rob’s pregnant girlfriend was stabbed in the stomach killing her, Rob was downed with an arrow before being killed with a knife to the chest, then Mrs Stark, Rob’s Mum took a blade across the throat, killing her.

Now the Undertaker-imitating kid is next in line in the North!

What an episode. Mix in the blonde dragon girl laying siege to a city with the hell of an insider, and Hound rescuing the boy/girl and it was a corker!

You wouldn’t think I hadn’t watched an episode until two weeks ago would you? Now I love it!

In other news today, it was an odd day at wok with hardly anyone in the office after everyone left on Friday.

This afternoon, to entertain ourselves, we had Polo-Sucking championships. Yup, who could hold a polo in their mouths the longest….I was shit at it. Trevor picked up the win though.

Then we did it with a Refresher, which is much harder to do than the Polo as it dissolves. I was in the top few but it was Karen who did best. So with Trevor and Karen both winning and both being managers/supervisors, it’s easy to see what kind of things get you moving up the career ladder 😉

Slimming World tonight. First time in two weeks and put a pound on. Will settle for that. Started doing my spreadsheet again. I need to because it really helps. Fingers crossed it starts to drop off off again!

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