Page 144/365 : Carry On Camping

Work passed by today. There was only 4 of us is the contracts department all day.

After work, picked Elle up and we were off to Champs Field. It’s out first camping trip. We had a new tent, new stove, and more importantly, new Sporks!

We got to the site around ten to 6. We didn’t know which pitch we were meant to be on but it was fine. We sorted it and the erecting of the tent began. Now, I will admit, I ain’t the most practical of people. I actually border on “thick” when it comes to things like this. I wouldn’t have a clue how to put a shelf up, I have no idea how to change a flat tyre, and I definitely have no idea how to put up a tent…which is where Elle came good because she did.


We got to work and it wasn’t too long before it was up and ready to be used.


We had chilli for tea and watched the first episode of Game Of Thrones on the iPad before reading for a bit and hitting the sack. All in all, I think we did alright. Will the tent still be standing in the morning….? We’ll have to see…

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