Page 143/365 : The Breakdown

It was an ordinary day. Nothing out o the ordinary was taking place. Apart from the odd weather, the blue sky followed by the rain, followed by the blue sky etc, this Thursday was to be normally normal.

Work passed by without event.

And after work, all seemed to be progressing fine. I picked Elle up and we were away. We needed to nip to Poundland at the Crown Point to pick up a few things for our camping weekend…but that is where everything began to go wrong.

As I turned into Crown Point, with a push on the clutch and a drop from 3rd to 2nd gear, and an audible “Pop!” the clutch pedal dropped loose and I couldn’t change gear…oh dear!

As some of my most avid followers may recall, I have had problems in the past with this car, but only just after buying with an issue which got sorted out. This was it’s first mechanical issue.

I managed to keep control of the car and bring it to a standstill on a roundabout in the shopping park. It wasn’t ideal but the road was quite wide so I wasn’t causing carnage on the road.

I phoned the RAC. It was about 6pm. They told me help might not be there until 9-ish! Oh no!

Elle nipped out to Poundland and piled up supplies. I needed to be able to sustain myself in these trying times. When he came back I needed a piss so nipped into Frankie & Benny’s, where oddly I was able to walk straight in and into the toilet. If anyone had stopped me I might’ve peed myself.

Elle’s Mum relieved her from having to spend too long sat in the car with me. Haha, and she needed to get home to sort Derek out.

As I was waiting, I was Facebooking and Lawlor said it would have been the clutch pedal that came off the rod. I didn’t want to tinker as I had no idea if it was that and/or a clue how to fix it.

The RAC man finally turned up at about ten to 7, which wasn’t too bad. He took one look underneath and said it was the clutch pedal that came off the rod. Score 10 points to Lawlor. He popped it back on and stuck something on the end to stop it happening again.

And I was on my merry way.

Problem solved, crisis averted.


Watched more Game Of Thrones tonight too. Good times.

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1 Response to Page 143/365 : The Breakdown

  1. sue woollin says:

    Bet that tax man watches Jeremy Kyle because he always says to put something on the end of it

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