Page 145/365 : Glorious

Was a bit cold during the night. Elle suffered with it a bit but I never get as cold as her so only had two layers on and not five!

Got up this morning at 4:15am to the sound of the Cockerel singing its morning song loudly. Went back to sleep.

Eventually got up and the day was starting gloriously. By 9am it was already warming up…we were in for a warm one.

Elle did breakfast on the stove on the outside, which was lovely. Then we lounged about a bit and read. I got to the end of Dragon Keeper and downloaded Dragon Haven and got cracking with that.

Paid up our bill…£20 for the two nights, and ordered our tea…more of that later…

Had a drive down to the next village. There wasn’t much to see so we grabbed some snacks and headed back up to the camp. We dropped our stuff off and walked down to Ye Old Sun Inn for dinner. I started on the Yorkshire Lager…lovely. Had four pints of that. Elle was on half a shandy with lime.

We had lunch. Open steak sandwich, with mushroom & onions and some lovely chips serves in a plantpot…, see Facebook for the photos.

We even got some Geocaching in today. One on the camp where we placed the Archer travelbug that we had actually taken to Vegas with us, and then a very different one hidden inside a book, which was in amongst other books, in a red telephone box which had been converted into a Book Exchange…loved it.

Back to camp and chilled out…then tea came…we’d ordered Pie and Peas to be delivered straight to our tent. Amazing. The others on the camp were looking on jealously. What a treat!

I am writing this a little earlier tonight because shortly we’ll be going and sitting around the campfire with everyone else, tucking into a few beers before bed…happy days!

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