Page 142/365 : Baby Come Back(wards), or maybe even Fuck Off Back!

Following yesterday’s XboxOne announcement it became clear that the new console had one flaw, the system is not going to be backwards compatible. This basically means any games people already have wont play on the new machine. But to be fair, a new system is a new system and we should be playing the new games one it.

Horrific scenes today in Woolwich in London as it seems an act of terrorism was carried out and a soldier was killed and reportedly beheaded. The person who was responsible also showed up on a video basically saying the country was screwed and it was deserved.

Well here’s my tuppence-worth. If you live in this country and you’re white, black, Christian, Muslim, Jew, yellow, red, legal or illegal, the bottom line is respect those who live here and this nation or fuck off somewhere else where you are welcome. I ain’t launching into a racist rant or anything here, because there’s a fair share of good and bad people in every race/religion/colour, but if you’re screwed in the head enough to kill, murder, rape and kidnap then you deserve to rot in hell.

We don’t need to see and hear this kind of shit every time we turn on the news. We don’t need racist beheadings, perverted rapists and murdering fuckwits around here. Like I said, respect this country and those who live here or fuck off somewhere else!

Oh and another thing…tonight Facebook and Twitter has gone into meltdown. Everyone calling for this and for that. There’s no simple answer, we ain’t going to deport anyone and you can’t instantly tarnish a whole belief/race with hate on any single action. So those calling for all Muslims to be send away, get a grip. Minorities in any race cause problems. Always had, always will….minorities. In the words of John Cena : “Rise Above”

In other news, watched another four episodes of Game Of Thrones.

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