Page 123/365 : Starfish n BBQ

Took a stroll down on the beach the other way this time and went to check out all the rock pools. I always freak out with those though. Little wiggly worms were coming up from the wet sand after we were stepping on it and I didn’t like it. Then I was worried I was gonna stand on baby jellyfish. I didn’t like it! Basically….I didn’t like it.

We did see loads of starfish and little crabs though.

We went around the pool again but he to the fact that my back was red raw from yesterday’s sunbathing I went in the pool with a T-Shirt on. Freak!

Went to Marie Callender’s for lunch. I had a lovely Knife & Fork Chilli burger. Mmmmmm

Chilled out some more and watched War Of The Worlds before heading out to Mo’s Smokehouse BBQ….but when we got there it looked like a greasy spoon cafe and I wanted something a little classier, so we went next door to Brad’s Oak Pit BBQ and had a delightful BBQ feast there instead.

No drinking for me tonight. Got the trip back to Vegas tomorrow. There’s been massive Wildfires down the 101 so we’re going on a more cross-country route. Should be fun.

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