Page 122/365 : The Cracked Crab

It’s not often I dedicate an entire blog entry to one restaurant…but The Cracked Crab in Pismo Beach deserves it.

The concept is simple, Order Crab, Crack Crab, Eat Crab.

The restaurant often buys supplies from some of the Deadliest Catch boats but they didn’t have anything in from them tonight unfortunately.

We opted for a bucket for two which allows you to choose three main items in the bucket which comes out served with corn on the cob, potatoes and spicy sausage. The three items we chose were the Giant Alaskan Red Crab, the Opelio Snow Crab and Lobster tails. They made a mistake and gave us extra giant shrimp too.

We put on our bibs…


And then this bucket got dumped on our table :


And we were off. We had a load of tools to attack the shells and eat stuck into the meat. It was absolutely stunning and quite good fun cracking the crab up and peeling out the meat.

The atmosphere in the restaurant was brilliant and our server was really knowledgable about what we were ordering and made some good recommendations for us.

I would recommend this experience (because that is what it is) to absolutely anyone. It’s well worth the money and something I will never forget.

We had spent most of the day around the pool at the hotel following a walk along the beach. I burnt my back. Ouch!

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