Page 121/365 : Driving to Pismo

Another driving day today.

Had breakfast in the bedroom again before packing up and jumping in the car.

We headed up to Griffith Observatory first to see the Hollywood sign.


Then we needed to fill up on Petrol….oh dear. This was going to be fun. Firstly we realised that the colours of the pumps are the opposite to England. So Black Pumps are Petrol here. Then we couldn’t get any gasoline out…because we hasn’t paid in advance. We had to ask someone to help us and must’ve looked like a right set of Divs!

Then we headed down to Venice Beach for some of the culture down there.

Then it was a three hour drive to Pismo Beach. The Seacrest Hotel was stunning. Check Elle’s Facebook for all the photos. We have a lovely ocean view room with a huge jacuzzi bath and there was a bottle of champagne waiting for us and rose petals scattered. Absolutely amazing.

Let the three day chill commence!

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