Page 120/365 : Universal Studios

Oops…caught up in all the fun I forgot to write this…so here goes…better late than never.

Up and about bright and early. Had breakfast delivered to the room…skillet breakfast….yummy!

Then it was time to head to Universal Studios…but we were going to be late…we aimed to jump on the 10am shuttle bus, which was all well and good, as we were on there at about ten to ten (Cowboy time [if ya don’t know what that is…ask]) and all set to go but then some American family rocked up at dead on Ten. Mum and Dad of the family had kids in tow and one in a pushchair. Everyone knew that the shuttle left at ten…Then the Dad decided that he needed to go back to his hotel room to get something. It was quarter past ten by the time we set off. I would’ve just left them!

Anyway, we got to Universal and the fun commenced. We headed straight in and went straight down to the Lower Lot and went straight to the Transformers 3D ride which was amazing. It’s the newest attraction and is very similar to the old Spider-Man ride. Then we went on the Mummy Returns Ride and the Jurassic Park water ride before seeing this :


The actual Delorean used in Back To The Future. BEST PROP EVER!

Then we went up to the upper lot and did absolutely everything up there. All the rides, from Simpsons to Shrek and all the shows like the Stunt show and the Waterworld show as well as the awesome backlot tour, where we saw the biggest 3D experience in the world with King Kong 3D and saw things like the Back To The Future square and the Bates Motel.

We absolutely loved every second of it but were completely zonked by the time we got back to the hotel. It was well worth it though.

Oh and after the Dodgers lost miserably last night, they decided to go and win tonight! Typical!

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