Page 119/365 : Welcome to LA…meet the locals!

An interesting day!

Started normal. Woke up in Vegas, went for Denny’s for breakfast then back to the MGM to pack up and check out. Got a taxi to the Car Rental place. Got a complimentary upgrade to a larger car, which was nice. Picked up a Ford Fiesta for the five nights.

We stopped off by the Vegas Sign.

Driving took a short while to get used to. Everything was fine although I do tend to drift across to the right often and ride on the line…oops!

We stopped off at Peggy Sue’s Diner on the way which was a quality little diner. Proper old school.




Then we headed onto LA. We arrived at the Beverly Garland Holiday Inn and received a free upgrade to a suite which was nice. Elle’s negotiating skills nailed that one…literally…as she was comparing nails with the girl on check in!




Then we headed to Dodger Stadium for the game. We got the Shuttle from our hotel to Universal City before jumping on the Metro Red Line through to Union Station then hopped onto the Dodger Express.

Bought a baseball cap and went into the stadium and devoured my first Dodger Dog.


And then this woman happened…during the National Anthem….

Then unfortunately the game started…The Rockies banged out four runs in the opening innings and there was really no way back. The Dodgers pitching was shocking tonight. The game finished 12-2 to the Rockies.

But then the fun really began. The Metro ride back from Union Station to Universal….wow!

First of all a woman with mad hair got on clutching a pillow and some sheets. She then started talking and giggling to herself.

Then on got a guy who walked up and down with a sign with something written on it asking for money.

Then a guy in a wheelchair asking for money.

Then a guy who walked up and down, sat down, then stood up and started doing pull-ups on the bars in the train.

Then a group of guys who were signing to each other but eying up bags and rings.

Basically it was all a bit mental.

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1 Response to Page 119/365 : Welcome to LA…meet the locals!

  1. Carol Arundel says:

    love the video of the womens wonderful singing ace!!! you were sitting in nearly the same seats as we sat in 6 years ago when we when to the Dodgers and had a Dodger Dog brilliant did you stand up and do the exercises to music? we loved it and the view from the Dodgers looking over LA is amazing it is on lots of firms keep enjoying xxxx

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