Page 118/365 : Crazy tired

Wow. Today turned out to be an odd one.

For up fairly late following last night’s drunkeness. We were both hanging considerably. Today we had very little planned. So off we went for Brunch at Denny’s before dropping into the Coca Cola Store and M&M World. I was so happy in the Coke store when they sold the “Around The World” Tray which we had to buy


It’s a small shot of different drinks that Coca Cola make from around the world. I had tried them all before in Atlanta at Coke World there…so I knew what to expect with this…


Yup, Beverly from Italy. So I handed the drink straight to Elle…and this was the face I got in return after she sipped it…


Haha. Beverly claims another victim! Just for the record, for those of you who have never tried it…it’s awful. It’s like a bitter tonic water that just makes you want to wretch!!!

So after we’d visited the shops we came back to the MGM. It was the hottest day yet, which ain’t good with a stinker of a hangover…so we came up to the room with the plan of chilling or a bit then going down for some tea later on. We watched the first two episodes of The Deadliest Catch and then started watching Naked Castaway….and fell asleep…and we slept right through until 5:30am on Monday! Wow! Almost a 12-hour nap! We obviously needed it and I guess it’ll set us up well for Monday’s drive to LA and the Dodger math at Dodger Stadium in the evening.

We’ll be leaving Las Vegas for 5 nights…but we’ll be back!

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