Page 109/365 : Out Of Office ON!

Wedding eve is here.

Work really dragged today but I got everything tied up for the finish. Emma had sorted these out for us :


And they made me dress up like this :


Once work was over, went up to the venue to move thinks about and see Elle. Then it was off to Leeds to the Roomzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz apartment we had booked for the night.

We got ready and then headed down to Fazenda for tea. I was a little apprehensive that all the boys would love it but everyone did. It was brilliant.

My dad didn’t come because he’d been poorly and had to stay in bed after feeling dizzy earlier. Hopefully he’ll be OK for tomorrow.

Came back to the apartment and did Elle’s ESTA online. It went straight through! Yay!!!!!!

And that’s it. Off to bed and tomorrow the BIIIIIIIIIG day!

Oh, and yesterday I forgot to mention the other present I or from Work. It was a photo frame and Mel and Caroline from the office had done themselves up as Bride & Groom and put the photo in the frame. It was really funny. Not sure if I am allowed to change the picture or keep them on my desk though…..!

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