Page 108/365 : Fiancées’ last night

Well this is it now. Tonight is the last night Elle and I will spend together as Fiancee’s. tomorrow, Elle will be staying at the venue, ready for the wedding day, and I will be staying in Leeds City Centre and will be travelling up on the morning.

At lunchtime I bombed down to Carl Stuart in Ossett to change my waistcoat after my fat belly couldn’t get into it yesterday. They moved me up one size and all was well.

Back in work in the afternoon they all presented me with my wedding dollar dollar. Bagged a cool $90 to take to America with me. I joked that it would be going in my pocket and going on Black in the casino as soon as I get there…but it’ll go into the pot with the rest and get spent on Burgers, ribs, wings, chicken, crab, Chinese…etc…etc…


Tonight went over to the Days Inn to take Crooksy his suit. Hung out there for an hour or so before heading back home and finishing up the packing etc for the Honeymoon/Minimoon/Leeds stopover. In actual fact, Elle did most all of it…bless her.

So that’s it…tomorrow night’s blog will be a mixture of nerves and excitement as the biggest day ever in my life arrives……yep….Leeds are playing Birmingham it’s my wedding day on Saturday!

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1 Response to Page 108/365 : Fiancées’ last night

  1. thomasjpitts says:

    I remember the feelings you are going through now well fella. Big few days. I wish you all the best for a wonderful day. I’ve said this before, but enjoy every minute as it will fly by. Well, it will drag until the service itself after which time goes crazily quickly!

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