Page 110/365 : Mr & Mrs Woollin

What an absolutely fantastic and amazing day.

I am writing this a day late for obvious reasons…I had to recover from a stunning 24 hours.

Got up bright and early in Leeds at the hotel. Lawlor, Crooksy and I took our time to get suited and booted. Around 11 we were ready to head off to Gomersal Park Hotel for our wedding.


Dave Brining took us up to the hotel. There I met up with everyone before the ceremony was ready to start. We all went into the room and I have to say I was getting little nervous at this point…but then “Marry Me” by Train kicked in, and in walked all the bridesmaids and Megan as flower girl before my beautiful bride. I welled up…I cried! I was so happy.

The ceremony was great, despite the registrar calling me Richard at one point and me signing my name in the wrong box on the Marriage Certificate!!!

Then we went back outside for tonnes of photos that seemed to go on forever but it was all good. Then it was time to head back in and to start the afternoon tea. The room was stunning. We had a lovely tea before it was speech time. John gave a really nice speech with a good mix of humour and touching sentiments. Then it was my time…

I loved telling my speech. I decided to tell some funny stories and have some touching moments in there too. I carried my Grandad’s wedding ring with me, which made me break down when I mentioned it, and I managed to get plenty of Leeds United references in there, even managing a rendition of Marching On Together slightly altered for Elle. I then presented her with this :


Then we had Lawlor and Crooksy tell some brilliantly bad stories about my embarrassing and messy times over the years…!

Then we had a bit of a wait before the amazing night do.

The Sweetie bar was demolished in record time, the photobooth had a constant stream of people queuing for it to have wacky photos taken, the BBQ everyone loved, The Fund were immense getting everyone up dancing, the Magician was stunning and a huge talking point, and then we had the first dance…ah the first dance…and you know me, I cannot do anything normally…so take a look at this and see what you think…just stick with it as something happens around 2:50 into it :

Everything about the day was amazing. My new wife looked stunning and I hope everyone had a brilliant time, they seemed to do, so if they did it was a job well done. Elle planned most of everything so she deserves all the credit.

Thank you to absolutely everyone who made it possible and everyone who enjoyed our day with us. We love you all x

Now it’s onto the Honeymoon after the Mini-Moon! Stay tuned…

Mr & Mrs Woollin


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3 Responses to Page 110/365 : Mr & Mrs Woollin

  1. julie wraith says:

    Love to you both xx have a fab time xxxxx

  2. sue woollin says:

    Loved every minute and love you both. Have a wonderful honeymoon lots of love mum and dad

  3. Carol Arundel says:

    Thank you for inviting us to share your special day it was a beautiful day have a great honeymoon
    and blessing in the little chapel in Vegas love to your both xx

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