Page 107/365 : Ooh, Suits You Sir!

Elle finished work up today until May 13th! Can’t be bad.

She went and picked up her wedding dress before picking up all the suits for the boys too.

I tried mine on after work and I just need to sort out a slightly bigger waistcoat as it was a bit too snug around the gut.

Went over to Elle’s Dad’s. His suit fit him fine.

Dropped into Louise & Rich’s and all was fine there too.

My Dad’s though, was very odd indeed. His neck size was bigger than mine but the shirt came absolutely nowhere near fitting him around the belly. I was all very strange. He’s going to swing in tomorrow and get his sorted. I am gonna nip down at lunch tomorrow and hopefully get mine sorted out. It should all be fine in the end.

This morning we watched the end of the Padres @ Dodgers game from Jackie Robinson Day. It didn’t end too well, but still better than the result from the match last night wen the Padres annihilated them. I get the feeling that watching The Dodgers could be very akin to watching Leeds United…plenty of heartache to come!

Caught up on Raw too.

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