Page 106/365 : The Last Match & Appysnap

Appysnap is BACK! Yes, the most fun you can have with your iPhone is back in business and the fun is ready to begin all over again. I was part of the Original incarnation of Appysnap, but the new version is more socially interactive and much more fun.

The concept is very simple, you just install the app, find your friends who have also downloaded the app, and send them a mission. It may be something as simple as taking a photograph of something Blue, or taking a snap of someone wearing an item of food. The missions are amazingly fun. Some are very easy, some are tough. When you receive a mission, you have a set time to go off and take your photo and submit it and earn your coins. Every now and then, prize missions come a,one with REAL prizes up for grabs.

Seriously, search Appysnap on the iTunes Store…you won’t be disappointed.

Tonight was my final Leeds match of the season. I will be missing the last home game on the 27th as I will be in Las Vegas. New manager McDermott made three changes to the team, dropping Drury, Norris and Morison and bringing in Lees, Tonge and Diouf. I was pleased Morison had been dropped as he had a shocker on Saturday.

Something magical happened in the game…we actually started playing attractive football. We passed the ball well and looked to create chances. In the first half we came quite close a few times. Varney was looking bright again after his two goals on Saturday, and Austin stepped up his game massively. The whole team passed well, but we still couldn’t get that elusive first half goal. It’s been something like 18 games now since we scored in the first half!

In the second we continued to play well and it paid off when Diouf lifted a ball over the too and Austin finished well to take the game 1-0. That proved to be the winning goal and we deserved it. We even had a chant of “We’re passing the ball, we’re passing the ball, we’re Leeds United, we’re passing the ball!”

Ad that’s it, my football season over. Said goodbye to the lads until next year…and we’re now just 6 points off the playoffs…with three games to go…dare to dream! I might have to get the live radio feed on my phone for during the wedding reception on Saturday…

Watched The Following tonight too which was brilliant. But gutted that the next two episodes will have to wait until we’re back from Honeymoon! Booooo!

And The Deadliest Catch was back tonight. There was a catchup episode and the season is back next week. When we’re at Pismo Beach, we’re planning on going to The Cracked Crab which serves up crab actually caught by one of the boats on The Deadliest Catch! Can’t wait!

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