Page 96/365 : Late birthday

Lots of running around today for the wedding. We headed up to the Venue and spoke to the Wedding Co-Ordinator to finalise all the details of the wedding, ad to hand over all the CDs for the ceremony etc. It was good to get everything finalised.

The photographer also turned up to meet up with us. He’s very meticulous but will get some stunning photos. We’ve planned which shots we want, and had a walk through of the day to make sure everything is timed OK and it should all be good. The next time we’ll see him, it’ll be the big day!

Went over to Elle’s Dad’s to help Cait with something she was doing for school.

Leeds lost…..again! We’re a little too close to relegation for my liking!!!

Came home and got a bit of Dead Island time in before heading out to Jess & Dave’s for Elle’s late birthday night out. Matt & Zara were there too and Amy & Tom took us over.

Was a good laugh. Plenty of talk about weddings and suchlike.

Had a few beers too. Good times!

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