Page 95/365 : The “Crooks” of the matter…

Well today was an interesting one. This morning we all woke up to Crooksy posting on Facebook that he was at Heathrow Terminal 5 ready to fly out to New York.


Which is fair enough, if he wanted to go to Mania, fair play….but it just seemed very odd that he had not told anyone at all. So the investigation began.

Lawlor text him on iMessage and it was “delivered” so it seemed like he hasn’t left the country at all…but this evening another “check in” appeared at JFK airport…could he really have packed up and gone?


And then the plot thickened when he posted a photo up seemingly taken from a cab, facing the New York Skyline. Nothing too untoward there. But there was still some doubt, so Lawlor, Elle and I started posting up random photos of New York, thinking he was on the wind up…

….then this picture appeared :


At first glance, nothing too bad about it. There’s a Bubba Gump in NY so Jo reason why…what…what…wait…!

Lawlor texts me and tells me to have a closer look at the photo and then I spot it….


There…on the side of the bin…the Wrestlemania 20 logo…the last time it was in New York was Mania 20…oh and the last time Crooksy was there….Wrestlemania 20…

I think the term is….. BUSTED</strong

All credit to Lawlor for unearthing the devious plot. But Crooksy is still getting a slap and owes us all some Wrestlemania Merchandise for the hair-pulling and jealousy that's been coursing through our veins today!

Nice try Crooksy (and I know you'll be reason this) but next time….must try harder…!

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