Page 97/365 : Wrestlemania 29

It’s that time of Year again….time for the biggest event In the Wrestling calendar as Wrestlemania 29 from New York/New Jersey was set to go down.

I have long been a wrestling fan, and was lucky enough a few years ago to go to Orlando to my first Wrestlemania, 24, and absolutely loved every minute of it and was hooked, after that I went to Houston for 25, missed 26, but went to 27 in Atlanta. The atmosphere and fun around a Wrestlemania is amazing. There’s nothing like it.

This year, the big apple was sharing with NJ for the prestigious event. It had all the usual makings of a fantastic event…but how would it pan out?

In the pre-show, The Miz defeated Wade Barrett for the IC title in a pretty decent match. It was actually fair play to the WWE for putting a pre-show title change in the show.

Then it was onto Sky Box Office for the main event. Usually, Mania kicks off with “America The Beautiful” but there was none of that this year…maybe Lillian Garcia was losing her voice or something.

First match up was The Shield being victorious over Randy Orton, Sheamus and The Big Show after Orton tagged into the match, pissing off Show. They lost and Big Show took it out on Orton & Sheamus…same old, same old then…!

The second match saw Mark Henry squash Ryback…literally. In what seemed like a botched move, Ryback was flattened and soon finished by Mark Henry. This all seemed a bit odd as to why they would give Henry the win here? Having Ryback being a dominant force all year then not pick up a win seemed very strange…maybe Ryback had knocked Steph off or something and HHH forced him to lose…we’ll probably never know!

Next up, Team Hell No defeated Dolph Ziggler and Big E Langston to retain the tag belts. Again, this seemed another odd choice. Ziggler and Big E have been working together well and the natural thing would have been to give them the titles…but maybe they want to put the World Heavyweight Title on Ziggler soon…..who knows?

Fandango finally made his debut next, defeating Jericho…although the “Jericho Curse” seemed to strike again and the ending was somewhat botched. Fandango didn’t lie in the correct position which meant Jericho overshot the Lionsault and it was a bit of a scramble to get Fandango the win. Also, not sure why the WWE felt that Fandango deserved a Mania match for a debut…

Del Rio beat Swagger next…well, actually, Swagger beat Swagger. I am convinced that if he had not had his well-publicised fuck up earlier in the year, they would have given him the win but to no avail. And Ziggler didn’t come out to cash in…damn!

Then came the match of the Night…The Undertaker Vs CM Punk. It was another typical Taker Mania match which could have gone any way. Elle wanted Punk to win, I wanted Taker. In the end they kept the streak intact in a very explosive match with lots of near falls.

HHH retained his career next in a battle with Brock Lesnar. It wasn’t pretty and the fans. We’re pretty much dead after the Taker/Punk match but they did the job.

And then to round it all off, Cena took Rock’s title from him. It was a slow burner at first but gathered speed as it went along. They were doing each others’ moves (which is like some Wrestlemania Main Event Law or something) and it could’ve gina any way…but The Rock probably has a movie to film…so it was always going to be Cena.

All in all, it wasn’t the greatest PPV ever, and definitely not the best Mania ever but it was well worth staying up until 4am for…and even Elle managed to stay awake for the duration, something I am very proud about….

Now….how much are the flights to New Orleans for next year….!

In other news, Woolly Mammoth the Geocache Trackable has been picked up and is on his journeys again! Good times.

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