Page 94/365 : “Is it like walking on a floor of baby chickens?”

Elle’s birthday today…I’d completely forgotten to get a card but we did have an emergency card in the drawer…not ideal, but needs must…I bought her the last two Twilight DVDs and the Popstars 3CD collection. Not the most amazing presents…but then again she does have something good coming for a Bridal Present in just over two weeks…so I hope she ain’t reading this… 😉

Organised the Grand National Sweepstake at work after people were asking me for it…it’s not an event without a Dave Woollin Sweepstake!!!

I drew out a couple myself and ended up with Imperial Commander and Rare Bob, although I let Elle have one of them and she’s got Rare Bob. I do love a good sweepstake, although I never, ever win money on my own Sweeps! It’s not fair!

Found out today that the Elbow Room in Leeds is having a Wrestlemania night lock-in…gutted that the boys aint coming up now otherwise we’d be in there for sure.

After work we headed over to Amy’s for Tea. Had chicken tikka and a catchup before heading back home to watch the recorded Dodgers Game from last night. Unfortunately, the Dodgers lost 5-3 to the Giants. That’s a 1-2 in the season so far.

Elle got some new flipflops from Work as a present…and seriously, you’d think she had been given the most amazing pair of Jimmy Choo’s the way she was parading around in them…

“It’s like they’re an actual part of my feet.”

“Oh they’re like a little party in my feet!”

“Its like walking on Clouds”

OK, that last one was mine, but the first two were hers!

I did say to her “Is it like walking on a floor of baby chickens?” but the look I got at my obvious sarcasm told me I needed to shut up. 

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3 Responses to Page 94/365 : “Is it like walking on a floor of baby chickens?”

  1. Helen says:

    Damn Giants. Hate opening the season by dropping the series to them. Ah well, still can’t beat that season opener!

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