Page 87/365 : Year End! End Of The World?

Year end at work today. Always an eventful one but even more so now I am in my invoicing role.

It all got off to a flyer when someone from the office down south went to war with me on emails over a credit on the system, wanting a long strung out process to be done for little benefit before telling me that I “wouldn’t understand as I wasn’t in Credit Control” to which I corrected her, telling her I used to be and she wouldn’t understand that as she wasn’t my boss! Fun times.

Then we had everyone in one of the other departments taking forever to clear everything up at the end of the day, meaning the finish of half 4 for the cut off for the system was delayed by an hour. Not happy!

In better news, The Big Reunion show was on tonight with the final concert. Gutted that I ain’t got tickets…but I’ll be in Vegas when it’s on and won’t really care.

In REAL news, North Korea signed off on Missiles to be aimed at US bases in the Pacific. This was retaliation for the Americans flying stealth bombers over Korea.

First of all, they both need to calm the fuck down and start nothing that involves nuclear weapons, the mess would be catastrophic, and secondly, if it is all going to kick off, can they just wait for about 6 weeks until we’ve been on Honeymoon to Vegas….please?

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