Page 86/365 : Dead…..Island!

Bought Dead Island for the Xbox today. Not played it yet so keen to give it a go.

Couple of parcels arrived today. Both couldn’t fit through the letterbox. One was taken back to the Post Office in Holbeck, which wasn’t a problem, but the other was taken to the Post Office in the Nisa on Dewsbury Road, which is a problem as its only open 9-5:30, the same hours I am at work, so I will have to come down at Lunch tomorrow to pick it up. #Inconvenience

Work building up nicely for the Year End tomorrow, a Year End when hardly anyone will be in the office or one reason or another. Gonna be an odd one when just me and Trevor will be sat there at the end of the day!

Caught up on The Following and Coronation Street.

Pretty quiet one really. Looking forward to a long weekend and hopefully getting a few hours on Dead Island.

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1 Response to Page 86/365 : Dead…..Island!

  1. louise says:

    erm and looking forward to my bday shin dig on sunday i hope. i expect a whole blog dedicated to me lol

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