Page 88/365 : Revolution

Tonight heralded the start of “Revolution” on Sky1. The brand new show from the US where all the power across the entire world has just disappeared. Militia has risen and a General has taken over, using his army to keep the country at bay.

When a man is killed, his daughter sets out on a quest to find her Uncle, without knowing why or to what end.

And it’s an end that I honestly cannot see myself seeing…

The entire setup for this series is brilliant. What would happen if there were no more phones or Internet or even lights? Hopefully we’ll never know, but this show just seems to take a turn towards the “do we really care?” Yes, there’s the background story of “where did all the light go” but it just doesn’t grasp enough attention and the 90% character building just isn’t strong enough for the 10% mystery behind everything.

Will I give it another couple of episodes? Maybe. Do I think it will get any better? Probably not.

As far as post apocalyptic type shows go, it’s no Walking Dead or even Falling Skies…

Started playing Dead Island today. It took some getting used to but it’s good fun

Elle had her final dress fitting today. I have my final suit fitting tomorrow. Exciting times.

Watched Deuce Bigelow earlier. Been a while.

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