Page 89/365 : The Fund

We’ve booked a band for our wedding in three weeks…for the night do…but until tonight we’d never hear them live…or so we thought.

Tonight they were at The Hockney in Shipley so we headed over with three of the Brining clan, Dave, Jess & Zara. I was a little nervous because if they were shit, we were in a wry awkward position that would’ve resulted in Karaoke at the night do and me doing Chico Time for entertainment.

The band are called The Fund. When we turned up, I recognised one of the singers…I only recognised him because he looks like William Sadler the actor from Die Hard 2, Bill & Ted 2 and The Shawshank Redemption.

Then it hit me…

…a few years ago after the 9/11 attacks, The Cross Keys had a charity night and this was the same band…and that night was THE best night I ever had in the Keys!

And they were still awesome. We’re sooooooooo pleased that they rocked the place and will go down an absolute storm in three weeks!

In other news today, we went round Roundhay Park lake for a good hour or so with Amy & Tom and his kids. I almost killed myself Geocaching!

Played some more Dead Island and liken it a bit more than I was now.

Watched plenty of Gavin & Stacey too.

Elle also picked up her resized engagement ring which was now mega sparkly. She actually cried when she got it back…big softie!

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